Disrupt building status quo

  • Energy poorly understood by designers, builders and owners
  • Energy efficiency not a primary goal
  • Renewable energy production not a primary goal
  • Construction practices biased toward poor energy performance


US Buildings Energy Use Table


Transform building to Zero Energy

  • Enable and accelerate adoption of Zero Energy Building
  • Elevate energy efficiency and production to primary building design goals
  • Inject data, knowledge and best practice into the design process
  • Provide easy-to-use, accessible tools for ZE planning, design and construction



Building Energy Matters

  • Buildings consume almost half of total US energy
  • Buildings account for 39% of US carbon emissions 


US Energy Consumption by Sector


Zero Energy Building works

  • Zero Energy Building (ZEB) dramatically reduces energy consumption and GHG emissions.
  • "Zero Energy - Produce What You Use" is a simple, bold, concept that is easily understood and embraced.
  • ZEB design integrates energy efficiency with renewable energy production.
  • ZEB is driving energy policy in progressive communities like California, Massachusetts, New York.


Revitalize building culture

  • Fill the Energy Knowledge Gap
  • Provide ZE templates, successes, inspiration


Remove barriers to ZE implementation

  • Provide knowledge, data and tools for ZE projects
  • Provide tools for ZE policy administration


Building Energy Gauge


Stimulate action. Make ZE easy.

  • Create a free, easy-to-use ZE project design framework
  • Provide best practice templates, guides and reference models
  • Create "Data Driven" tools to visualize, analyze and optimize ZE designs